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Server Rules

Updated: 10.June.2024

Note: Reading through these rules may be overwhelming at first. Don't worry, we will tread beginners lightly. You'll probably appreciate these rules, once you know how things are working on the server. Rules do help with creating a more believable and satisfying experience for everyone. Questions? Please contact our Discord Support.


Minimum age to participate: 12 years.

Do not destroy player made structures (exceptions listed in the pvp section).

Every claimed area must have a sign with the last login date right at the main entrance.

Do not destroy public server structures (e.g. bridges, roads) or NPC settlements (cleaning up is allowed. Destroying is only allowed, if you'd like to build there).

Do not give away high tier tools for free. Price them reasonably when selling. Lending out high tier tools is allowed only within groups.

Cheating, trolling and everything that spoils the fun for others on purpose will have consequences.

Do not create any provoking/ controversial stuff.

  • Vandalism, especially the destruction of chiseled blocks you do not own, will result in a lifetime ban from the server!
  • Claims without a last login date or a date older than 1 month can get unclaimed, if other players need the space to build.

    Building & Farming

    Keep at least 7-10 chunks (230-330 blocks) distance from Main- & Biome Teleporters, Story Structures. Everything below that range may get wiped.

    Do not let blocks hover in the air (e.g. when disassembling ruins). Remove all leaves when cutting down trees. Keep the world 'clean'.

    Keep your livestock low. Too many animals will degrade performance for everyone.

    Settlements of different styles must not be in line of sight. (e.g. medieval versus sci-fi towns)

    Roads and paths must be made of full blocks and sunken into the ground. Slabs are allowed to be used as stairs/steps only.

    Do not use soil or dirt to build structures higher than 1 block, except these are temporary and will be replaced after a couple of days.

    Sand & cob is allowed to build with, if mixed with/ supported by other materials.

    No 1x1 stacking or digging of blocks without temporary constructing/prospecting purpose. Close your prospecting holes, as others may fall into these.

    Do not claim or block public buildings and structures like roads or bridges. Do not claim ressources (except these are within your home area).

    Do not kill domesticated creatures if you are not the owner, even if they roam free.

    Do not build over or very close to other peoples claims, except they are ok with it.

    Any structure that serves either military/war or defense purposes has to stay unclaimed. You may still reinforce and lock it.

    Making bigger changes to shared space like the marketplace needs the approval of the majority of active players that would be affected.

    If you dig holes on claimed soil, make sure other people can get out without help, if they fall in. Provide a ladder or something else they can use.

  • You should always claim your property to prevent people from modifying it. This also applies to shops.
  • Read our FAQ for more info about saving your claim/ buildings before any possible wipe.
  • Admins reserve the right to remove player animals, if their numbers are getting out of hand - without the regard of tiers.

    Tip: Use the '/land claim allowuseeveryone' command for your shop and place valuable items onto a rug or into a market stall.

    Player vs Player (PvP)

    PvP is allowed within roleplay only, except someone is stealing.

    PvP is NOT allowed against your own group members (/group).

    Do not attack others without a warning (e.g. say "Give me (back) these crowns, or else...").

    Firearms are excluded from pvp combat, except both parties do agree to use these.

    SAVE ZONES: Main- & biome teleport installations, player homes (inside buildings and fenced farmland/ gardens right next to them),
    pathways/roads, water bodies (lakes, oceans), cave systems.

    Do not camp near peoples homes with the purpose to attack them.

    Do not chase people through the whole map. Let go of them after a short while, if they do not attack back or if they jump into a save zone.

    Returning to attack the same person again and again will count as trolling and can result in a ban from the server.

    STEALING is only allowed, if a place seems abandoned, which means it either has an expired last login date or none at all.
    Else, stealing will get you into trouble. In general, do NOT steal Teleport Items, Temporal Gears or Light Sources, like lanterns or torches.
    These items have to be left alone at all times, even if you're looting a dead player.

    Do not destroy creations or buildings of others without proper purpose, more than necessary, to steal building materials or 'just for fun'.
    This does not apply to military and war facilities. These can be attacked any time, as far as it serves a proper purpose. Even chiseled blocks
    may be destroyed on such structures.

    Arson is not allowed on the server at all. Fires that affect other peoples homes and that have been started on purpose
    will be punished with either you having to build these homes up again or with a complete ban from the server.

    Do not log out while in an active fight with other players.

    Warning: Attacking people in save zones will be punished by an admin.

    (Voice-) Chat Rules

    'In character' (IC) has priority over 'out of character' (OOC) actions and conversations.

    Real world chat themes are tolerated only, as long as these cannot lead to controversies (politics, ideologies etc).

    Only light profanity, not targeting others, no discrimination, no shouting/caps, no beef nor drama.

    Please make sure you do not broadcast any constant background noise (e.g. music).

    Language: English (server-wide). Any other as PM (personal message) or within a text/voice clan chat only.

    If you go offline, make sure to free the voice chat slot for others. Failing to do so several times, may cause future voice chat restrictions.

    If you feel the need to argue with someone, use Discord's #conflicts channel. Do NOT argue in-game or on other Discord channels.

    Server Activity

    You can stay off the server as long as you want, but in some cases we may decide to remove your claim,
    if we are getting the impression that you are an inactive player.

    • You have claimed within a village/ town or another community where other players do need that space.
    • You have claimed objects from other players.
    • You have claimed objects or areas that are excluded from being claimable (see Building Rules)

    Before we do unclaim anything, we will try to ping the claim owner in Discord.

    Special Admin & Moderator Rights

    Common server structures (streets, bridges, lighting etc.), landmass or special points of interest, like quest dungeons, may be created/modified by
    admins & moderators anywhere in the wilderness.

    Admins & moderators are allowed to play in survival mode on CoB, but won't participate in any pvp actions. They will also not give away items
    or materials for free nor are they allowed to use the creative menu in their own survival playthrough.

    If you believe, that someone is breaking rules or is cheating, please report them via our Discord.
    Rules are subject to change.

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