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Chat Commands & Keys

Updated: 04.October.2023


.step -- disable autostep

.clients -- list of online players

.chatsize [width height] -- change the chat window size

/serverinfo -- shows some info about the server and commands

/land info -- shows info about a claimed area, when inside

/mystats -- your statistics, role & privileges

Mod Commands

/home x -- teleports to your home spawn point (x)

/home delete x -- deletes your home spawn point (x)

/msg [playername] [message] -- sends a private message

/r [message] -- responds to /msg [playername] [message]

/rtp -- teleports to a random location in the world • Patreon supporter exclusive feature

/grtp -- teleports to a random location in the world, group members may follow within a certain time • Patreon supporter exclusive feature

/home set x -- sets respawn point (x), permanent alternative to a temporal gear • Patreon supporter exclusive feature (Tier 2 +)

/t2p r [playername] -- teleports to another player, after they have accepted your request

/spawn -- teleports to the teleport hub you first spawned at

/starterkit -- receive some free items to start with

Note: Some of these commands have costs (the in-game currency) and a cooldown.

Land Claiming

/land claim new -- begin the claiming process.

/land claim start -- start claiming land from here.

/land claim end -- claim land til here.

/land claim [direction] [value] -- expand/shrink active claim [grow east/grow south/grow west/grow north|grow up/grow down|shrink east/shrink south...] [m³]

Example: '/land claim grow up 16' would expand your currently active claim 16 blocks to the sky.

/land claim add -- add your current active selection to the area you want to claim as a whole (must always do before finishing with '/land claim save').

/land claim cancel -- cancel the process and discard all changes.

/land claim save [name] -- save everything and name your claim.

/land claim load [land list id] -- load and modify an existing claim.

/land list -- lists all your claims with id numbers.

/land info -- if inside a claimed area, shows info about the owner and set privileges.

/land claim grant [playername] [use/all] -- grant another player interact or building privileges.

/land claim grantgroup [groupname] [use/all] -- grant an group interact or building privileges.

/land claim allowuseeveryone [true/false] -- grant interact privileges to everyone (use with caution).

/land claim revoke [playername] -- revoke granted privileges to an player.

/land claim revokegroup [groupname] -- revoke granted privileges to an group.

/land free [land list id] -- unclaim your land, if not in use anymore.

How to claim a piece of land - Full example:

Open the chat window with 'T', write '/land claim new' and hit the 'Enter' key. Now move your character to the position you want your area to start from. Write '/land claim start', hit 'Enter'. Move your character to the end position of your future claim. Write '/land claim end', hit 'Enter'. A claim can consist of multiple areas. You just created one.

We are not finished yet. Now, we have different choices: If you are happy with the dimensions, we could add the area with '/land claim add' and continue to add more areas
or just save the claim with '/land claim save NAME' to finalize it. But since you probably want to at least expand your just created area a bit more up or down, we will first modify the dimensions of that area with '/land claim [direction] [value]', e.g. '/land claim grow up 16', if you would want your area to be 16 blocks higher than it is now.

You may cancel the process any time with '/land claim cancel'.

Groups/ Clans

/group [create|disband|rename|invite|acceptinvite|leave|list|kick]

Note: Some of these commands, like 'invite' do work within the group chat window only!

Don't forget to always put an  /  or  .  at the beginning of all commands, like shown above.

Keys (Keyboard)

Press H to open the in-game manual.

Press O to open the skill dialog.

Press K to open the emote menu.


/date -- will show the in-game date & time.

/players -- will show a list of in-game players.

/rank -- will show your discord community rank.

/help -- will send a private message with some useful infos.

/vote -- will present voting options for automated in-game actions (e.g. skip night). Use the '#slash-vote' channel for this only.

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