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  • About Vintage Story Online:

    One of the 1st custom multiplayer servers

    for the 3D open world survival game "Vintage Story", which has it's roots in the popular indy sandbox game "Minecraft".

    We focus on building & survival PvE with roleplay and feature some of the best vanilla friendly mods, to enhance the "Vintage Story" online survival multiplayer experience even more, without compromising it's core mechanics.

    Newbies to "Vintage Story" will find helping hands within our friendly community plus a starter kit, to ease their first creative steps. Experienced and new players alike, will dig server exclusive structures to explore, new items to collect, unique animals and much more additional custom content, which is nowhere to be found in the vanilla "Vintage Story" game.

    Don't own Vintage Story yet? Just buy & download the game from the official website.

Join us now and create YOUR empire !

Server Exclusive Content

...and this is only a small selection of our own mods.

All vanilla changes/ additions listed:

◘ Temporal stability disabled
◘ Drifter spawn rate decreased on ground level
◘ In-game months will last 24 days instead of 12
◘ Item despawn time increased from 10 to 20 minutes
◘ Sleeping durations slightly increased (8, 10 & 12 hours)
◘ Using Mod: Carry Capacity (pick up boxes, carry backpacks..)
◘ Using Mod: Trade-o-Mat (selling machine for offline trades)
◘ Using Mod: Rope Bridges (will even swing in the wind)
◘ Using Mod: Xskills/Xlib (rpg skill leveling system)
◘ Using Mod: Necessaries (adds stuff like mailboxes)
◘ Using Mod: PrimitiveSurvival (fishing and tools)
◘ Using Mod: Grave Mod (will store items on death)
◘ Exclusive: Watchdogs (will protect players in towns)
◘ Exclusive: Domestic Cats (will hunt for rodents)
◘ Exclusive: Set of high-quality swords to craft
◘ Exclusive: Travelers backpack 12 + 18 slots
◘ Exclusive: Bandits & bandit camps
◘ Exclusive: Custom ruins to find
◘ Exclusive: Custom trader NPCs
◘ Exclusive: Fieldmice and rats
◘ New colored paper lanterns
◘ Additional flora

We are looking forward to play with you on Vintage Story Online!